Finds on Friday—Pillows, a Picnic Basket + Vintage Books

Today I am popping in for a quick post about my recent thrifted finds.

I haven’t been thrifting too much lately—there’s not much I need and I’ve just been super busy with projects for the blog and my little rental company. In fact, most of my thrifting these days is usually in pursuit of inventory for my business.

But this week I finally found a few little things for the house and I am excited to share them with you. I also got the chance to check out a few secondhand shops in VA that I hadn’t been to yet. If you’re in the NRV or Roanoke area, I’m thinking of doing a post about all the best local stores, so stay tuned for that soon.

First up is the most expensive item I bought—a vintage picnic basket. I’ve been collecting these for a few years and am always on the hunt for cheap ones in really good condition. This guy was huge and was only $5.99 (found at Goodwill in Christiansburg, VA) so I scooped him up right away.

He’s in excellent condition and has a riser inside (anyone know what the riser is for? I have a few guesses—to protect the first layer of food stored below it? To place ice packs below it to keep food cold? To put plates and cutlery under the food? All good guesses but I am not sure…).

Next up are two books. The small green book ($2.00 at the YMCA thrift in Blacksburg, VA) is a gardening book about shrubs and I bought it simply for decoration. Green is my color and I’m always looking for vintage books in good condition to add to my collection. The fact that it’s a gardening book makes it even more perfect. The fonts on the spine are so pretty.

The second book is Mary Emmerling’s American Country Classics ($2.00 at Goodwill thrift in Blacksburg, VA).

Mary’s older designs books are still so fresh today and I find her style so inspiring—especially in terms of what I collect. I’ll happily add this book to my collection of home design volumes. One of my favorite things is flipping through them once a year and dreaming about owning my own home again (one day soon, I have to keep reminding myself).

Lastly are my two vintage pillow finds. They’re both pink and floral, so clearly they fit my style very well. The first was $2.00 (also from the YMCA thrift in Blacksburg) and it needs a bit of trimming as the lace is fringing in spots. But I just couldn’t pass up the pink puckered velvet—it’s so cute!

The second pillow was $4.00 (from the Habitat Restore in Roanoke, VA) and is in great shape. I think it’s actually a modern pillow made to look vintage because it’s got a modern looking tag.

That’s all, folks. I am becoming more picky with my thrifting these days and I think my home is looking more cohesive and collected as a result. This makes the hunt more challenging which is actually quite fun.

This weekend we may take a drive through the mountains into West Virginia for some leaf peeping and antiquing—I’ve got my fingers (and toes) crossed for some McCoy bargains because it’s been way too long since I brought home a pretty new vase.