My love affair with vintage Christmas: a holiday home tour

Here for the vintage Christmas decor? Scroll down for the gallery of my holiday home tour including all the vintage Christmas goodness.

Keeping it very short today, friends. It’s late on Christmas Eve and it just started snowing in Vinton. This Christmas it’s just Sam, the pups and I celebrating in our little apartment. It’s been so nice to have a quiet, cozy holiday here at home.

I’ve been looking forward to unpack all my vintage Christmas decor for months. Years, actually. We haven’t lived in a full sized house since Christmas 2017, so we haven’t fully unpacked in a long time.

And while we’ve been busy not unpacking our Christmas things every year, my love affair with pretty vintage holiday things has continued. Or gotten worse, possibly. I’ve been collecting, and collecting, and collecting.

Too much vintage Christmas decor?

From the cute vintage figurines I found while thrifting in Florida to the pretty icicles I dug out of a bin at the goodwill clearance center, my vintage christmas decor has been getting a bit out of hand.

I mean, not that I think there’s a limit. There’s never a limit. Until I have so many Christmas trees that I start putting them in bathrooms, or closets… I don’t really have a problem. Right?

I only put trees in the living room. And the bedrooms—but lots of people do that. Ok, and in the hallways. Only sometimes. And this year, I only bought one tree!

How many trees did I already have?

Well, that’s none of your business.

Anyways, even if I did have a problem, it’s a good problem to have. I mean, who could possibly complain about the abundance of vintage shiny brite ornaments, spaghetti santas or cute little elves?

Obviously, no one could.

For the best vintage Christmas inspiration, make sure to head over to my vintage Christmas board on Pinterest!

Vintage Christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor -vintage shiny brite ornaments on a champagne pink tree
Vintage Christmas decor mixed with vintage McCoy potter
Vintage Christmas elves hanging out on a vintage rolling pin wall display
Lots of Vintage Christmas decor including spaghetti santas and old gift boxes

Taking a break, folks.

This will be my last post for about six weeks, as I’ll be taking a blogging break in the new year to get things organized behind the scenes. I’ll be back to posting about once a week in February—see you then!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas!